First Devlog Fearless Tigor

Fearless Tigor


There was a young boy named Tigor condemned and thrown by the mysterious magic by the king to the dungeon near the center of the earth for trying to carry off the king’s daughter as a result of their engagement is not sanctioned by the king. Can Tigor escape with safe from the curse of a dungeon full of horror and pitfalls to see again for his love?


Fearless Tigor is a 2D action platformer and roguelike inspired by Prince of Persia Classic and some classic games from SNES, Genesis and GBA with features below:

  • Have 40 levels which has unique enemies and unique bosses
  • Not use magic in defeating the enemy but rather the amount of energy possessed by Tigor
  • Have any optional quests that contains puzzles in each level that helping the Tigor to complete the mission in each level.
  • Have multiple endings.
  • Have various weapons
  • Have various Puzzles

Why make this game?

Its our side project and take long time more than one year developing due budget condition. I’ve got idea to make this game when learning make some games with unity engine. I’ve hired two 2d pixel artists to designing some assets due to my lack skill as graphic designer. This game targeted for desktop users and only available on steam store at this moment.


Dungeon Scene
Dungeon Scene
Attack Klaw Enemy
Level 1 Boss - Fearless Tigor
Level 1 Boss

Video Demo

Coming Soon

How I can buy it?

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