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Our Highlight Projects

Aceh News Android App

A simple android app suitable for your pocket to know latest info from Aceh Region. All latest Aceh news from any reliable sources

BadBee (Early Access)

Our first game partner with trusted a game studio named Arthavan Studio to release on our Google Play Store after released for iOS users. Its an escape game genre which players run as fast as possible avoid any obstacle and guardian, find the exit key and think about the best route strategy to complete the level

Badbee Stickers For WhatsApp

Our first digital merchandise to support BadBee promotion using stickers in WhatsApp Chat

Redline Communication Padang

Focusing as Digital Marketing Consultant such as SEO, SEM, Social Media included smart2printpadang.com as their division company

Fearless Tigor (Under Development)

Fearless Tigor is a 2D action platformer and roguelike inspired by Prince of Persia Classic and some classic games from SNES, Genesis and GBA.


Dread Battle is not just a leading and trusted Indonesian news esports portal that also offers tips from other gaming worlds

Wisdom Text Stickers For WhatsApp

Stickers for WhatsApp is an android app as best solution to make conversation more colorful in chat. Can express anything more creative for today and tomorrow.


What We Offer

Digital Marketing & SEO

We can make number one on google search engine for your website with special method. Include: Social Media Campaign, SEO/SEM, Technique, Ads Campaign, etc. Do you need a proof? Call us right now!

Website Development

You have an idea to make an awesome website. Call Us to provide a great research to get real target. Also we can audit your website to get more traffic.

Mobile App Development

Have various clients believed us to provide mobile app with creativity taste. A lot of traffic and real engagement become a satisfied key.

Video Games Development

Fearless Tigor is our first video game product. Beside still under development we got some trusted clients to provide a video game based on desktop or mobile.

Our Trusted Clients

Smart Print Padang
Galeri Gadget
Komos Coffee
The Tukang Marketing

Latest News

Download Wisdom Text Stickers For WhatsApp at Google Play Store

Download Wisdom Text Stickers For WhatsApp Now

For this reason, we decided to release the latest whatsapp stickers application, namely wisdom text. This application contains stickers to express about today or about tomorrow with daily conversational text images

badbee stickers for whatsapp

You Can Express Yourself Like BadBee on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s latest update from this link about the new sticker features has given us the opportunity to release Badbee Stickers for WhatsApp. These stickers can help express you like happy, sad, bad, laughing to friends, family, or girlfriends on WhatsApp.

Download Badbee at Google Play Store Early Access

Badbee Available on Early Access Google Play Store Now!

Finally, after fixing bugs & improving badbee gameplay based on opinions from Youtuber and the media during closed beta. So we decided to release it on Google Play’s Early Access or […]

badbee devlog

Progress Badbee Development After First Teaser

Thank you for giving feedback on the first Badbee gameplay teaser. We forgot to add the game’s purpose in video and too short in duration. This problem will be addressed in the next trailer

First Devlog Fearless Tigor

First Devlog After Greenlit

After Fearless Tigor got greenlit, a lot of challenges that I get as there can be some people become part of the Fearless Tigor team but ultimately not responsible when […]

Fearless Tigor Job

Pixel Artist & Unity Developer Vacancy For Fearless Tigor Team

After Fearless Tigor got greenlit, we need some fresh staff suitable with our team culture especially helping our game get a release date quickly in this year. Pixel Artist & […]

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