BadBee PC Edition Will Be Available On Steam Store Next Month

BadBee PC Edition Will Be Available On Steam Store Next Month

Before releasing the PC version we made a basic study of this Badbee game to make it suitable for desktop gamers. After a long discussion, we finally decided that the arena for each level was expanded, reformed the gameplay, added several levels before launching it to early access on Steam.
The main objective to be released to Steam, to see new prospects better than the mobile version (i.e. android) is not just a normal ported from mobile to PC but to make an overhaul of the gameplay to make it more addictive and interesting.
Intentionally accelerated launch to early access in steam with a plan of 15 initial levels to get a lot of feedback from the community for completion of the next levels. So you do not wait too long to play this game because it will available for the public on June 26, 2020. Localization into any language is also on the agenda in the development of this game.

What is Badbee?

Badbee is a 2d escape game where a bee named Sam is starving, he then finds a beehive and he intends to take honey there, but there seems to be a guard in the beehive, then he is captured and put in jail. Then Sam tried to run away and avoid any guards to catch him. This escape game genre that focuses on getting the key to the exit and stealing valuable treasures, avoiding enemies, avoiding rocks or trees, and opening the door to complete the level with the highest score.
For those who are curious and interested to buy it, you can add to your wishlist on Steam to get a notification when it is released below:

Here are some screenshots of BadBee PC Edition which are still in beta

Early Access BadBee PC Edition Gameplay Trailer

Price plan when release on early access on Steam platform is USD 3,99 before discount. And it will rise when full release later. So you should buy it quickly after launch later.

If you want play BadBee Android Version now as reference before try PC edition please visit this link.