More creative using Wisdom Text Stickers Maker For WhatsApp

More creative using Wisdom Text Stickers Maker For WhatsApp

After the initial release of the Wisdom Text Stickers for Whatsapp application only for Android, a lot of downloads reached more than 10,000 users, this is an achievement beyond our expectations even though the text stickers pack are still made by our team with many positive ratings and feedback. We decided to make radical changes to this app to make it more flexible and give you the freedom to be creative included changed name to Wisdom Text Stickers Maker For WhatsApp from Wisdom Text Stickers For WhatsApp. Radical new features are as follows:

Can make your own text sticker packs more flexible

Like a screenshot on the side, you are more flexible to make text stickers for WhatsApp with your own creativity like using Instagram.

Create any text stickers more creative

Can choose unlimited colors

Like a screenshot on the side, you can choose unlimited colors if you are a premium user in making text stickers to be more creative.

Unlimited colour selection for premium member

Results of your WhatsApp stickers creations can be shared

A minimum of 3 stickers from 30 stickers can be used as one of the requirements as a sticker pack that can be shared with closest friends or your soulmate after being created on WhatsApp.

Premium Features For Unlimited Creations

With an affordable subscription to premium features, both 6 months and 12 months, you can access pro features in this application so that you can make any text stickers cooler and have unlimited creativity.

Those are the 4 radical features that can be enjoyed in this latest update, so you can make any WhatsApp stickers more flexible than before. If you’re curious, you can try the link below on playstore:

Download on Google Play Store