Sneak Peak About Badbee PC Edition Gameplay

Sneak Peak About Badbee PC Edition Gameplay

After getting some feedback for the first BadBee gameplay trailer which said it looks easy gameplay, then we decided to release the latest sneak peak video gameplay only on stages 1-10. Understandably all can not be disclosed because it is still under development. Can be checked on our official Twitter link:

From the gameplay video what do you think is difficult or not?

For the release date, we have set back from 06/26/2020 to 07/24/2020 with various considerations, one of which is the maturity in developing this game so that it can be expected according to your expectations, such as 15 initial levels when released at early access on Steam.

In addition, we added text translations from Chinese and Vietnamese in the Steam Store to increase the reach of the players of both countries when released later. Like some screenshots below:

  • Vietanamese BadBee PC Edition
  • Chinese BadBee PC Edition

So if you interested to purchase BadBee when release, you can add to your wishlist on this link.