You Can Play BadBee on Steam as Early Access Now

You Can Play BadBee on Steam as Early Access Now

After taking nearly two months to prepare for early access on Steam, you can enjoy playing BadBee today only 15 levels temporarily and more levels will be added to future updates. This game can be played for PC / Mac users with the lowest specifications.
BadBee is a simple escape and stealth game with a simple mission of collecting honey and looking for keys to get to the next room or level.
Compared to the Android version, the BadBee PC edition has more features, namely:

  • The game arena is wider than the mobile version
  • Simple gameplay but hard to master
  • Deep tactics to escape each stage from different challenges each level
  • Not only collect the key but you should collect every honey pot per level
  • Have to plan more than 3 stages, and every stage has 10 levels.
  • Some levels have multiple rooms to more challenge
  • You can play anywhere on different devices with steam cloud support
  • Have five different languages beside English such as Bahasa, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian at this moment

Watch the latest BadBee gameplay video to celebrate our first game launch on Steam as early access:

Of course the improvement in gameplay has not stopped there, it is planned to add new features during early access and do not forget your feedback to be our consideration also so that BadBee is more interesting to play.

Thanks to several media from Indonesia and international who have covered press releases about our game, in exchange for replies we help blasting in our social media such as facebook and twitter for each of your websites that have made a BadBee article such as press releases or review.

So what you wait now? You can play and give your honest review after play help little bee:

Also we have official discord to discuss about BadBee and our other products please check out this link