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After releasing badbee stickers for whatsapp specifically to promote badbee game,  since the release of one month ago this paid app have been downloaded over one hundred times on unique Android devices and still counting.  Actually its unexpected thing when in the beginning it was only to use the momentum of WhatsApp’s sticker feature release. For this reason, we decided to release the latest whatsapp stickers application, namely wisdom text. This application contains stickers to express about today or about tomorrow with daily conversational text images

These stickers can make chat on WhatsApp more exciting and attractive because it can express creatively using wisdom text to friends, family, soulmate or others. Expressions that can be expressed such as happy, sad, sick, angry, upset, etc. Of course it doesn’t make it stiff when chatting both privately and groups on WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp stickers android app consists of 2 packs, each in Indonesian and English. Each pack has 30 WhatsApp stickers that can be used to chat to anyone. Each pack has different expressions to follow the language and daily conversation. Curious? Please download at the Google Play Store below, only for IDR 6000 for Indonesia and other countries, usually set at US $ 0.99.

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Wisdom Text Stickers For WhatsApp Only Available for Android Users

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