badbee stickers for whatsapp

You Can Express Yourself Like BadBee on WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s latest update from this link about the new sticker features has given us the opportunity to release Badbee Stickers for WhatsApp. These stickers can help express you like happy, sad, bad, laughing to friends, family, or girlfriends on WhatsApp.

If you are interested, just download this WhatsApp stickers on the Google Play Store by paying only IDR 5,000 (Indonesian only) or US $ 0.99. Cheapest right? To provide support to us so that we make lots of stickers for future.

Download on Google Play Store
Download Badbee Stickers for WhatsApp

Progress Badbee Development

Currently the developer team is focusing on adding new features in the Badbee game based on the development roadmap after open beta launch and feedback from you, one of which is the addition of a special guide for first time users to play. Purpose from that’s addition to be more friendly with new users. Feedback is needed for improving Badbee gameplay quality and comfort when played.

Compilation of BadBee Reviews Last Week

Redza Nazarul

A young Youtuber from Aceh-Indonesia is very interested in playing this Badbee game, please check out his video below:

Badbee Open Beta Review By Redza Nazarul


This youtuber girl from Indonesia is still new to the world of streaming gaming and is very interested in playing our game and says BadBee is a work of a nation that cannot be underestimated by other international games.

BadBee Open Beta Review By Piyot

Thanks to for covering the release of BadBee Open Beta and giving a brief explanation in bahasa language.

Thanks to for making a press release for the release of BadBee Open Beta with freedom for us to create our own content and get 132 views to date and have become trending.

One blogger named Kim from Indonesia who dared to give a score of 8/10 for a review of the badbee open beta game continues to point out the advantages of:

  • Easy to play.
  • Simple and unique design.
  • Easy game control.
  • Small game size.

Thank you for the review on and successfully continued to play the blog.

One news portal comes from Tasikmalaya which has made a press release regarding the release of BadBee Open Beta. Thank you for covering it

This blogger from Tasikmalaya also dared to score 8/10 for the BadBee Open Beta review and was very interested in playing again if after full release later. In the Indonesian language blog he talked about the advantages of BadBee as follows:

  • Simple to be easy to play
  • Simple design but ok
  • Small game size

Well, that’s BadBee Open Beta reviews compilation last week that have provided positive feedback for this game. So, what are you waiting for, download now at this link, including downloading BadBee Stickers for WhatsApp too!!!