Added Guide Scene and More For Badbee

In this devlog, our badbee game has reached v0.9.0.2 with the addition of a guide scene feature like screenshot above before play for first time user based on your feedback.
Besides that, we got the exclusive pre-register button feature from Google which was used for the campaign before release the full version. This will add brand awareness to increase the number of new users to play when released later. We are still trying to add some new features before release at Q1 2019. So, your feedback is very useful to determine the gameplay quality of this game in the future. Please click the pre-register button below to get a launch notification later.

Pre-Register BadBee on Google Play Store
Please Pre-Register Badbee On Google Play Store Now

Badbee Stickers For WhatsApp Progress

19 latest badbee stickers for whatsapp
19 Latest Badbee Stickers for Whatsapp

After downloading more than 100 times, we decided to add 19 of the latest badbee whatsapp stickers yesterday so that your chat will be more fun, fresh jokes, and creative on WhatsApp. Stickers that are added can be expressions such as happy birthday, happy new year, merry christmas, upset, love, sure, yummy, begging, etc. For LINE users, please be patient now that badbee stickers are in the verification process, in the near future they will be available at the LINE Store. If interested please download this android app on this link.

Badbee Reviews Compilation Last Week

Finally, it was covered by one of the millennial media with 200,000 visitors / day from Indonesia named who had received a press release from us entitled Bantu sang Lebah Meloloskan Diri di Game Badbee.

Review BadBee (Unreleased) Game Android Terbaru Karya Developer Bayam Software is one of the reviews made by blogger named Arifin J whose focus is to review game development in Indonesia.

Doni Imam

Doni Imam is one of the young youtuber from Indonesia who has made a badbee open beta review in this video below:

Gorontalo Gamers Digirio

One of youtuber from Gorontalo also made a badbee open beta review like this video below:

NaKano Gaming

BadBee became number one on top ten best android games not more than 100 MB in bahasa language. Please check out this video created by NaKano Gaming below: