Fearless Tigor Has Been Greenlit

Finally, Fearless Tigor Has Been Greenlit

Fearless Tigor has been greenlit on March 17, 2017 after stuck on steam greenlight campaign took more than six months just with 286 votes up and mostly using facebook as medium campaign beside using reddit, twitter, steam groups and forum websites. For “Fearless Tigor Steam Greenlight Campaign Stats” please check out below:

Fearless Tigor Steam Greenlight Campaign Stats
Fearless Tigor Steam Greenlight Campaign Stats

Also, this game got a lucky factor from Valve such as doing greenlit every titles on steam greenlight everyday (their office days) due to steam greenlight will be replaced with steam direct on spring 2017. More info please check out this link
We still have lot of jobs to improve Fearless Tigor game and must working hardly to fix level design based on feedback and research. I hope you can play “Fearless Tigor” soon on this year (still dunno about exactly date to release).
Big thanks to anyone to made it greenlit like upvoted or shared to your friends. Without you, we cannot deliver the best performance for our game. Stay tuned for next info like follow us on facebook, twitter, and youtube.

My tips:
Please don’t make any steam greenlight campaign with any steam keys giveaway and include to any bundle thing because it will make lowest value for your own game.